The Tipi

Spend the night in an authentic tipi. Situated next to the Rabbit Den and available only to those staying at the Rabbit Den, the tipi has two futons and an electric stove for heat and to create a nice ambiance. Please be careful if candles are used. The floor is wood. $50 per night.

Tipi entrance Tipi, Rabbit Den fire pit and back deck Inside Tipi Rabbit Den and Tipi fire pit

The bathroom is located in the central bathhouse. The Bathhouse is attached at the end of the yellow trimmed cabin (Cottontail). It has one shower, one toilet and a sink. There is also an outhouse located on the property for those not wanting to wait for the toilet at the bathhouse. See the Property Layout for reference.

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All guests must bring sleeping gear, like you are camping.

You don’t want to be on the Bad List! Anyone who doesn’t follow the policies will be put on the Bad List and won’t be allowed to return for many years, in addition to losing your deposit.

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