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I have put a lot of hard work, time, and money into improving these cabins and I expect you to care for them during your stay. It’s my pleasure to share them with you and hope that your trip to the mountains will be unforgettable.

The Bad List

  • You don’t want to be on the Bad List! Anyone who doesn’t follow the policies will be put on the Bad List and won’t be allowed to return for many years, in addition to losing your deposit.

Cleaning Fee and Damage Deposit

  • A $200 damage & cleaning deposit is required to secure your reservation. Don’t get on the Bad List!

Check-in 2pm

  • Make yourself at home upon arrival, and don’t expect a greeting party. This is your place in the mountains. Enjoy and relax.
  • For earlier check-in call the day before.

Check-out 11am

  • Check out is at 11 am but check in is not until 2 pm, This gives you three hours to leave the place 100% ready for the next guest. Remember this is your house in the mountains, if you leave it not ready you will lose your deposit and charged a cleaning fee of $100 minimum.
  • For later check-out request the day before you leave.


  • Off-season is when water is shut off to Wild Hare, Thumper, and Rabbit Den cabins.
  • When the water has been shut off to those cabins Jeff tries to keep it on for Cottontail and the Bathhouse. Please verify with Jeff about the water during the off-season. You can go to Mt. Princeton Hot Springs only 5 minutes away (1.5 miles) down the valley for soaking and swimming.
  • There is an outhouse on the property (see property layout), and when the water is on, there is an attached bathhouse, at the Cottontail cabin.
  • There is a well on the property for drinking water. It doesn’t freeze during the winter. If you don’t like well water bring your own. See Property Layout for outside water well spigot location.
    • A 7% lodging tax will be added to the cost of your rent.
    • Pricing based on 2 people, all additional people or pets is an additional $10 per night (Pets must be approved by Jeff)
    • It is best to tell of all additional guests and pets! If you do not it will be $20 per night for any you bring without advanced notice, or lose damage deposit.
    • Any children that are mobile, that create wear and tear, are $10 additional per night if informed at booking, if not $20. No charge for infants.
    • “Never make a payment until approved by Jeff”
    • Full payment is required at time of reservation, if you wish to pay for your stay by cash or 50% by cash let me know. I will request 50% at booking, damage deposit and 7% tax.
    • Final payment due on site upon arrival, “use dropbox” , sign at each place showing location of drop box.
    • Monthly rentals considered, most likely to consider during slow season or winter months
    • A $200 damage/cleaning deposit will be required for your cabin before arrival, this will be refunded 14 days after check out or when cabin has been verified clean and ready for next guest, if you do not receive in 14 days after your stay, inform Jeff and he will find out why it has not been refunded.
    • Make your payment after making request and verify through email nights available for the place you want.
    • Click here to make a payment for Bunny Lane Cabins after sending in a request to book the cabin of your choice and receiving approval email back.

Reservations by night or week must be approved by Jeff unless auto book is turned on.

Please read all; it is to your benefit, including return Policy. THANK’S
“Exceptions can be made”,,, as long as rentals tie into another, it is on weekdays or you are able to make an offer that that justifies the time to talk about it. Have a Great Day. Thank You, Jeff.

  • Reservations 2 (+) months before requested dates, must be for a 1 week minimum stay.
  • Reservations 1 to 2, months before requested dates, must be 3 night minimum stay.
  • Reservations requested 2(+) months before, that are not for 1 week, must be for 2 cabins and a minimum of 4 nights.
  • Reservations for 3 nights, can be made less than 1.5 months before.
  • Reservations over Holidays, must be for 3 nights and can be made 1.5 months before.
  • Reservations for a 2-night stay, can be made 3 weeks prior to your proposed visit.
  • Reservations over weekends, must be for two night minimum, exceptions can be made, see reservations for a 1 night stay.
  • Reservations for a 1-night stay, can be made 2 days before requested date or follow or start a guest that has made reservations per the calendar of Bunny lane Cabins.
  • You will receive your reservation deposit back only if the cabin you reserved gets rented.
  • You will receive your damage deposit back if you leave the cabin 100% ready for the next guest.
  • Reservation Cancellation: You will receive all back except a $50 cancellation or change fee if the place you reserved gets rented.
  • *No refunds will be issued due to weather conditions.
  • A $200 damage/cleaning deposit will be required for your cabin before arrival, this will be refunded 7 days after check out or when cabin has been verified clean and ready for next guest, if you do not receive in 7 days after your stay, inform Jeff and he, will find out why it has not been refunded.
  • This is based on “Pay It Forward”.
  • Leave the cabin as you found it or better. This is your home and others’ in the mountains.
  • Clean and put away all dishes.
  • Clean kitchen counters.
  • Sweep floors and shake out rugs.
  • Haul all garbage to the dumpster in the summer months and haul off in the winter months. We are in bear country, so please do not leave any food outside.
  • Clean up after your pet. You aren’t in the middle of the woods, you are in my yard. Scoop that poop!
  • The cabin must be clean and 100% ready for the next guest to check in at 2pm.
  • Any item not completed will be subject to a $50 fee or the loss of your deposit. Please be respectful and leave the cabin as clean as or cleaner than you found it.
  • If you arrive and the cabin has been left not ready by previous guest, take a photo and let jeff know ASAP, the previous guest will put their deposit towards your stay according to the mess they left. I try to review the cabins or have another review after each guest leaves, but in the summer and at other times, guests come and go without me even knowing. This is what I want, guests to take care of these places as their own and understand the importance of doing that. Also take a photo when you leave to keep the next guest honest.
  • At the bathhouse is a phone “Landline” to use if your cell phone does not work, this is Jeff’s main line so keep calls short as possible but use as needed. “No calls overseas”. Also beside the phone is a maintenance book, with phone numbers to call in case of any type of emergency if you can not find jeff or solve the problem or by reading the book. Remember I am making these places as your home in the mountains.
  • Thank you from Jeff and all Guests.
Howdy! IF YOU WANT TO HAGGLE over the prices, work a deal or as others may say ,” barter, horse-trade, bicker, cavil, dispute, quibble, squabble, stickle, wrangle, chaffer, hack, hackle, slash”, bring it on. I will do my best to work with you and you do your best to leave the cabin(s) ready for the next guest. Do understand, as you try to talk the price down, I may increase the price.

What do you have to offer? Not like, Hey! Will you take $100 for the night $80 0r $50 or whatever? That is not bartering or trading. I worked on this place and never got paid so now I finally make something back that helps my life and not torments my head.

  1. Can you paint, stain, wash windows, trim trees, dig ditches, use a broom (sweep spider webs off outside of cabins when needed), weed flower beds, do deep cleaning on a cabin or all cabins, etc.
  2. If you have access to hard woods (Oak, Maple, Ash, etc.), I will work with you for reduced rent to no rent. If you can bring a truck load or trailer for my personal use.
  3. Make me an offer, Do you roast coffee, run a smoker , I want to work with people and they me.

Have a Great Day and more, Jeff

  • 10pm-7am
  • Please respect all guests. If you want to stay up all night and party rent all the cabins, but you may have to pay off the neighbors or invite them over.
  • There is a $10.00 additional per night per pet fee.
  • All pets must be kept on a leash at all times while on the property.
  • Please clean up after your pets or you will lose your deposit. You aren’t in the middle of the woods, you are in my yard. Scoop that poop!
  • Pets may not be left unattended inside the cabin! Pet owners who leave their pets unattended inside the cabin will be charged a $50 fee per pet. No one wants to listen to your dog bark while you are gone, and yes it will bark because it’s in a strange place and you left it to go play.
  • If not told before arrival all additional pets or guests will be $20 per night. Honesty is the best policy.
  • Remember you brought your dog here to be on a vacation not locked up or tied to a tree. Just like I don’t want to be tied to these cabins. I want to go play and you would not like my bark, so please respect this place and other guests.
  • Thank you, Jeff
  • Wood on the property that has been cut by a chain saw is for in-cabin use only. There is a splitting mall on the property for splitting wood. You are responsible for the safety of yourself and all associated with your group.
  • Additional wood can be purchased on site or brought with you.
  • Each guest is responsible for filling the wood box with small to medium sized pieces of wood so that the next guest can easily start a fire.
  • Each guest is responsible for the safety of all! Please be careful when chopping wood. Have others stand back so if wood flies when chopped no one gets hit.
  • Think smart. Thank you, Jeff
  • Before starting a fire in the outdoor fire pit always verify that there are no fire bans or restrictions in this area.
  • Never leave a fire unattended!
  • Always ensure that a fire is out before you leave or go to bed. Pour water on the fire, stir it up, and then pour more water on it. You are responsible!
  • No large fires or late night parties. Please be considerate of the other guests.

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